heeyoul "henry" choi

assistant professor

hchoi (a)

Oseok Hall #312 (Tel. 054 260 1303)

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Junghyun Joo


Oseok Hall #317A

DongNyeong Heo

MS student

Oseok Hall #317A

Chungjun Lee

MS student

Oseok Hall #317A

Daniela Lim

MS-PhD student

Oseok Hall #317A

Undergraduate Students

2020Spring Capstone Projects

  • 영상 처리를 통한 농구 선수 play 정보 구축: 이현섭, 서남진 (2019Fall 창업경진대회 우수상)
  • 적은 음성데이타 기반 음성 합성 시스템 개발: 장관우, 김용주, 최진영, 김윤정 (2019Fall 공프기 발표회 우수상)
  • 딥러닝 기반 번역 시스템 개발: 정희석, 김명진, 남준영
  • 악성 댓글 인식기 개발: 유현아, 한지찬

2019Fall Capstone Projects

  • 강화학습에 기반한 자율주차 시스템 개발: 김정환, 지승윤 (캡스톤 발표회 대상)


Sangchul Hahn (2017.03 ~ 2019.07)

    • MS Student (Thesis: Effective Controls of The Latent Space in Deep Generative Models)
    • AITRICS (2019.08 ~ Current)

Chanung Jeong (2018.03 ~ 2020.01)

    • MS Student (Thesis: Learning Convex Concept in Deep Neural Networks)
    • Standigm (2020.02 ~ Current)

Hayeong Eom (2018.03 ~ 2020.02)

    • MS Student (Thesis: Learning Integration Type in Neural Network Training)
    • Internship at KAIST (2020.03 ~ Current)

farewell party (Chanung and Hayoung) at Feb. 13, 2020

after thesis defense (Chanung and Hayoung) at Nov. 15, 2019

lab members (2018 summer)