Heeyoul "Henry" Choi

Associate professor

hchoi (a) 

Oseok Hall #312
(Tel. 054 260 1303) 

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DongNyeong Heo

PhD student

Oseok Hall #317A

Daniela Noemi Rim

MS-PhD student

Oseok Hall #317A

   KyungJun Lee

MS-PhD student

Oseok Hall #317A

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Undergraduate Students

after Hyunsub's defense, May. 23, 2022

congratulations to Chungjun, Feb. 17, 2022

belated welcome party, Oct. 23, 2020

welcome party (Daniela), May 11, 2020

farewell and welcome party (Chanung and Hayoung, and Jeonghyun), Feb. 13, 2020

after thesis defense (Chanung and Hayoung), Nov. 15, 2019

lab members (2018 summer)